Thursday, February 05, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Fun From Facebook:

1. I've lived in SLC, UT; Dallas, TX; Chicago, IL; Buenos Aires, Argentina; New York, NY; Summit, NJ; Los Angeles, CA and back in Utah again.
2. I have three half-brothers the same age as my youngest kids.
3. I'm the oldest of 6 kids -- one brother, four sisters.
4. My favorite Christmas present was a Red Line Pro Line dirt bike in 8th grade.
5. My Grandma lived with my family from when I was 2 until just before she passed away in 2000.
6. I broke my leg in 4th grade when I was run over by two kids on a bicycle.
7. I have two trophies that I'm still very proud of -- one for when my softball team took 1st place in 6th grade and the other for when I won the school spelling bee in Jr. High.
8. Used to walk all over town bare foot when I was a kid -- the mall, the grocery store, 7-11, Winchell's donuts.
9. Drove a green Opel station wagon when I turned 16. It was the car my grandma bought the year I was born.
10. Never had braces.
11. Did a double front flip on the trampoline when I was 10.
12. Proud owner of the arcade games Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga.
13. My grandma could take out her teeth and my gorgeous mom wears a wig, so she can take off her hair. If I lose a limb at any time I'll be able to keep up the tradition.
14. Swam with dolphins in Hawaii when they appeared in front of our hotel one morning.
15. I type 90 words per minute
16. Majored in advertising. Worked as a secretary at an ad agency (My boss was Kristin Lichtenauer who tagged me!) Then ended up teaching software classes at that agency. Then had my first baby and stayed home.
17. Competed in three triathlons. (Competed might be too strong of a word...participated might be more accurate!)
18. Love to Read and play Sudoku.
19. I have four children all born without pain medication. (Might be related to my essentially hippy childhood when I roamed without shoes all summer.)
20. I love to take naps.
21. A year ago in the airport I sat down and a strange lady completely invaded my personal space--getting super close, she whispered in my ear, "Your skirt is down to your knees." And sure enough, it was!
22. My daughter is having fun getting ready for 80's day wearing hot pink tights, lime green baggy t with belt and her hair in a side ponytail. I was more of a Levi Strauss, baby pink Izod and checkerboard Vans with a Dorothy Hamil do in the 80's. Although now that I think about it, in my 9th grade picture I am wearing a sweater vest and TIE with a perm (bangs permed as well).
23. I believe there is a correct way to load a dishwasher and it about kills me when it's not loaded correctly.
24. Favorite TV: The Office, 30 Rock, Without a Trace. Favorite DVD of TV shows that I missed: Arrested Development
And the 25th Random Fact About Me: I need a haircut.


Camille said...

Totally agree with #23

Anisha said...

I loved reading about you. So many things I would have never known. I fit in the no braces club too.

Julie said...

That was great! You made me laugh out loud. What an interesting person you are! so fun. I need to do this.

Larry said...

I spent 2 years in Argentina, not Buenos Aires, but I did pass through there on my way to Santa Fe.

Katie said...

I hope you get this. Try watching Pushing daisies, you'll love it. Start at the beginning and enjoy. Also, It is great to hear from you and we are moving back to Utah-I want to buy the house across the street from you and remodel it into something big enough for our family!