Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas Giving

1) Found a check for $100 on the ground when I got out of my car at the shopping center. Was able to Yahoo People Search the addressee, call her, and get her address so I could send it to her.

2) While just getting into my car after buying groceries downtown, a homeless man asked for money to buy a doughnut. I had just bought a pack of 6 doughnuts but really only wanted one. Tried to give him the package but he only wanted one also. He then asked for change because he wanted to buy a bus ticket and a hamburger. I only had $2 and all the change in my cup holder. Enough for a ticket, but not enough for a burger.
He thanked me kindly and then counting the money said, "How many dollars did you give me?"
I said, "Two."
He said, "There's actually three here. Let me give you one back."
Of course I told him to keep it and get something to eat. But I was struck by his honesty. Interesting, isn't it?

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Camille said...

I LOVE your story about the homeless man. Thanks for sharing.