Friday, November 14, 2008

The Third Thing

Another group of people I'm thankful for are all those I've passed while riding my bike uphill who cheer me on. There's the super steep hill by Sev at the Canyons that took several weeks to become comfortable getting up. One day 3 riders all passed me (going up!) and simply said, "You're doing great!"

On three different occasions as I've ridden up the hill at 30th East walkers coming down the hill have said, "Great job!" or "Wow!" or "You can do it!"

Finally as I came up a little but somehow very tiring hill on Wasatch Blvd., a young girl in her soccer uniform leaned out of the window of her dad's truck and gave me the big thumbs up and shouted, "Way to go!" That last one made me laugh because as kids we were always pulling mischievous stunts in the car or shouting at people we drove by. (Remember when we wrote "Help, We've Been Kidnapped" on the inside cover of "Kittens for Kim" and held it to the window as we drove on the freeway?!) So this little girl was probably goofing off or dared by her friend or maybe she really was filled with a lot of good-will, but it totally gave me a boost!

So thanks to all the high 5's I've been given while out doing something hard! It's all these shows of support by complete strangers that confirm for me that the world is a good place, that people care about each other and that we'll try to help each other the best we can.


jukebox6 said...

You go girl! Keep it going. I am so proud of you for getting out there. If I see you, I will make sure to yell out my window too.

Michelle said...

I love your last three posts. I haven't checked in for awhile. Fun to hear all your thanksgiving stories. Also loved the Snowy Day post--one of my fav stories as well. I agree 3-year olds are so stinking cute. I'm in love with all the cute things little (big) Ethan is saying these days. Wish he could hang with his buddy Nick more than once a year!