Friday, March 28, 2008

Good Photoshop Karma?

Several years ago I finally bought Photoshop. It was awesome! I made a Christmas Card collage and was having fun figuring things out--had even researched classes I could take to learn more. Then one day I smelled something burning and suddenly my computer shut had literally fried. So Dan bought me a new computer but came home with a Mac. I was pretty excited about trying out Mac, but that meant my Photoshop was useless. It took me a year before I finally got around to calling Adobe and switching platforms. I got all hooked up again this fall. I'd even taken a Photoshop class through Community Ed so I actually remembered how to use layers and other cool Photoshop offerings. Then on a whim I decided to upgrade my Mac to the Leopard OS. It was a bad move made only worse by discovering Photoshop for Mac didn't work with Leopard. BUT... Finally last night a friend's blog mentioned that Adobe was now offering free online services to get name recognition among the Photobucket and Shutterfly crowd. I clicked the link and was rewarded with finding that Photoshop Elements for Mac had a new version compatible with Leopard. I downloaded the upgrade last night and was up and running. I'm excited to be a part of this Photoshop world!!


blue said...

what a saga!

you're quite advanced, techno-speaking, compared to most people. hats off to you for making the effort to learn the mysteries and wonders of photoshop!

Julie said...

I'm excited too, but I am realizing it takes a lot of time and practice. I'm trying to take some online classes to help me figure it out. That same thing happened to us - the burning smell, a puff of smoke, and no more computer.