Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Drive-In Movies

We headed to the drive-in last night to see the 9:30 show of Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. I always get a little nervous trying something new (yes, even just a drive-in -- a trait I handed down to at least one of my children!)... How early do we need to arrive? Should we buy tickets ahead of time? Will it sell out? Will it be crowded with no good spots to park our cars? Will it be cold? Should we bring blankets? Food? Chairs? These are the things that I dream up that I worry if not given appropriate consideration could ruin a fun evening.

But, of course, going to the drive-in isn't hard; people do it all the time... or maybe I should say, a few people I know have done it within recent memory. With their advice and assurance that we don't need to get there too early and it doesn't get crowded, bring food and blankets and chairs, we headed off and had a great time! And I can check that off the list of "fun things we should do as a family in the summer!" (Yes, it's good I have a list because the boys all wanted to go to the Bees Baseball game for the second time this season. We will be going again, but not until we do a few different things first!)

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